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Name That Vegetable

Posted by Becca Borawski : Saturday, May 01, 2010

If any of you watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, you may have been shocked like me that the children did not recognize any vegetables. I am not counting french fries as a real vegetable! At CFLA Kids, we consider nutrition an important building block of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition education is built into our program in a very simple way. We don't worry about diets or measuring food. Instead we teach kids basic food concepts - what is real food, what is good to eat, what should we eat less of. We provide kids with knowledge, so they can make good food choices.

The Little Champs play "Name That Vegetable"

Today's Skill
Review of the Clean

Today's Workout
"Lil' Angie"
30 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
30 Sit Ups
30 Squats

Today's Game
"Monkey In the Middle"
1 squat must be performed before each throw.
Balls must be picked off ground as a clean.
If the "monkey" catches the ball, the other must do 3 burpees.

Future Firebreathers

Posted by Becca Borawski : Thursday, Apr 29, 2010

In CrossFit we have a word we use to describe the advanced students who perform at high levels -- Firebreathers! Hence, the birth of our CFLA Kids Logo -- the fire breathing dragon. The kids who start in our program are developing skills and habits that will last them a lifetime and enable them to stay healthy and excel at sports. Their physical capacity and abilities will far exceed other children who do not have the same foundation. By the time they are adults, they will be true monsters. They are the future of CrossFit -- our Future Firebreathers!

CrossFitLA Image

Today's Skill
Review of Deadlift and Shoulder Press

Today's Workout
"Lil' Diane"
Shoulder Press

Today's Game
Instead of a "game" today, we are going to work on setting new personal records and getting up on the leaderboard!

“Intensity” for Kids

Posted by Becca Borawski : Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010

If you are familiar with CrossFit for adults, you may be wondering if that sort of intensity is good for kids. Well, intensity is different for children. Children, it turns out, are quite good gauges of how hard they should go. They will go fast and have fun for as long as they can, and then they stop. It's pretty much that simple. We encourage them, but never push them beyond their ability. We also build breaks for water and stretching into our classes.

Sunny works the stopwatch.

Today's Skill
The Medicine Ball Clean

Today's Workout
"Spic & Span Fran"
Clean and Jerk
Pull Ups

Today's Game
"CrossFit Powerball"
Buy In: 5 Perfect Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Building Bone Density

Posted by Becca Borawski : Saturday, Apr 24, 2010

Did you know that human beings achieve their peak bone mass by the age of 30? And that fifty percent of your bone mass is built up before you reach adolescence? This means the more bone mass you can build before you hit 30, the less likely you are to develop osteoporosis. Think of it as "banking" bone mass. Building bone mass become especially important in your pre-adolescent years, when you have the most potential to build it. Numerous studies have shown the best ways to build bone mass are by doing exercise that load the bones, meaning either weight bearing exercises or exercises with impact, like jumping. This is why we incorporate jumping in many forms in our workouts. We want healthy kids with strong bones!

Sunny takes a big leap.

Today's Skill
Push Jerk

Today's Workout
3 rounds, for time:
100m Run
5 Shoulder Press
5 Push Press
5 Push Jerk

Today's Game
CrossFit Dodgeball

CrossFit Concentration

Posted by Becca Borawski : Wednesday, Apr 21, 2010

Playing sports requires the ability to perform physical skills and remember details at the same time. One of the ways we develop this ability in children is through games like CrossFit Concentration. Remember the classic game of Memory or Concentration? Well, now imagine in order to flip two of your cards you first had to perform a series of exercises (for example, running 100m and doing 3 burpees). Between each flip, you must do your exercises. Now, not only do you need to remember your cards but you need to remember them while doing other movements and counting other movements. It's a challenge and a good "muscle" to exercise!

Alyssa coaches Mack, while he makes his match.

Today's Skill
Overhead Squat

Today's Workout
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
100m Run
5 Squats
5 Overhead Squats (with PVC)

Today's Game
Burpee Frog Jump Races

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Posted by Becca Borawski : Monday, Apr 19, 2010

Sumo Deadlift High Pull sounds complicated, but just like sounding out a new word, if you break it into pieces, it is not so hard. Sumo means to stand with your legs wide and toes pointed outward -- like a big bad sumo wrestler! Deadlift means you are lifting the weight from the ground, and high pull means the weight finishes up at your collarbone, with your elbows pointing toward the sky. Put it all together and it means lifting the weight from the ground to your collarbone in one big explosive movement.

Sarah has fun working on her sumo deadlift high pull.

Word of the Week - "Interval"
What is an interval? What is an example of an interval?

Today's Skill
Review of Sumo Dealift High Pull, Front Squat and Push Press

Today's Workout
100m Run
4 tabata intervals each of:
Front Squats
Sumo Deadlift High pull
Push press
100m Run

Today's Game
CrossFit Tic-Tac-Toe

The Vestibular System

Posted by Becca Borawski : Saturday, Apr 17, 2010

What is the vestibular system and what does it have to do with your child and CrossFit? You may have heard of the vestibular system in terms of your inner ear, but it is also a major contributor in your child's ability to move, balance, coordinate their limbs, and also, this may come as surprise, their ability to learn. You child needs the vestibular system to look back and forth from a chalkboard to paper and copy things down effectively. Links have been drawn between vestibular system dysfunction and learning disorders. So, how do you develop the vestibular system? By exposing your child to movements like the ones CrossFit incorporates, from the early age. This includes, jumping, spinning, and going upside down.

To learn more about the importance of the vestibular system, read this article.

Jack goes upside down.

Today's Skill

Today's Workout
Pull Ups

Today's Game
Musical Medicine Balls

Critical Thinking

Posted by Becca Borawski : Thursday, Apr 15, 2010

If I told you to look at a pile of objects, memorize their placement, and then pick them up, move them, and rebuild them as fast as you could -- could you do it? Could you work with a partner and communicate effectively enough to make this happen smoothly? Effective communication and quick critical thinking and useful skills to have in life, and fantastic skills to bring to a school or workplace. Our kids program uses exercise as the tools, but what we teach kids is teamwork, discipline, communication and leadership. Those are skills that have a long lasting life outside the gym.

Mack and Jane work together to build and move a fort.

Today's Skill
Tuck Jumps, Box Jumps, and Wall Ball

Today's Workout
3 Times Through the Circuit, 30 seconds on each station:
Wall ball
Box jumps
Push ups
Pull ups

Today's Game
"Egg on a Stick" Relay Races

Opening Day!

Posted by Becca Borawski : Tuesday, Apr 13, 2010

Today is the first official day of classes at CrossFit LA's Kids program! We are excited to be open to the public and would love to answers your questions about the classes. Parents interested in the program need to schedule their child for a "tryout" -- this is an opportunity for you to meet with us one-on-one, see the facilities and find out all the details about the program. It also gives us a chance to meet your child, create a foundation for teaching them, and have them set some physical baselines.

To schedule an intro, please call 310-260-9550 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The kids in the "Champs" program are ready to get started!

Word of the Week - "Carbohydrates"
What is a carbohydrate? Can you name some?

Today's Skill
Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Today's Workout
As many round as possible in 10 minutes:
7 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
7 Pull Ups
7 Sit Ups

Today's Game
"CrossFit Concentration"
100m sprint and 3 burpees earns you a card flip.

Establishing Patterns

Posted by Becca Borawski : Friday, Apr 09, 2010

Imagine if you had learned the proper squat form as a little kid. Or imagine you learned how to do cartwheels, flips, and hang upside down without fear. What if certain movement patterns became "normal" for you at such a young age that you were able to keep moving that way your whole life? Imagine all the things you wouldn't have to UNlearn if you had burned them in the proper way when your brain was fresh and soaking up all the information it could. CrossFit Kids is about building the BEST version of your child possible - the strongest, most agile, most able to dive into sports and least likely to get injured. Establishing good movement is the foundation for all of this.

Jacquelyn learns to row.

PT Test Day!
Max Pull Ups
Max Push Ups
Max Tuck/Chair Sit
Shuttle Run
50m Sprint
Max Sit Ups, 1 min.
Max Squats, 1 min.

Hanging Around

Posted by Becca Borawski : Wednesday, Apr 07, 2010

I am constantly amazed at how much kids love to hang from things. They love to hang from rings, from bars, from ropes...from anything they can get their hand on! They have an innate sense of wanting to climb, swing and hang. In a structured environment, we can hone a child's natural instinct and teach them gymnastic skills. This includes rope climbs, pull ups, flips on the parallel bars and more. It might seem like play, but they are actually developing coordination, balance and strength.

Jack hangs from the bar.

Today's Skill
Push Press

Today's Workout
3 rounds for time (with PVC):
5 Shoulder Presses
10 Push Presses
15 Sit Ups

Today's Game
Build & Move a Fort

Stretch It Out

Posted by Becca Borawski : Monday, Apr 05, 2010

Can you touch your toes? Could you touch your toes when you were a little kid? Most of us were more flexible when we were little. Over time, we got tighter and did not dedicate time to stretching and staying limber. One of the skills that CrossFit Kids LA spends time on is flexibility. Good flexibility is good for your health! Injury is less likely and better performance is possible when you are able to move smoothly in the full range of motion. For those of you at home - if you are watching television, do some stretches! If you are going to sit there, might as well do something good for you while you are at it.

The kids in the Champs program stretch before the workout.

Today's Skill
Introduction to the Pull Up

Today's Workout
5 rounds, for time:
25m Bear Crawl
5 Pull Ups
25m Bear Crawl
15 Sit Ups

Today's Game
Clean the Yard

Good Posture

Posted by Becca Borawski : Friday, Apr 02, 2010

Growing up I always remember my dad reminding me, "Stand up straight!" Good posture is good to learn at an early age, both for long term health and athletic performance. Sometimes grown up words don't make much sense in the world of a little one, though, so we use metaphors that excite them. To keep their backs up tall in a squat, they make butterflies with their hands and then fly their butterflies as high as they can, while they squat down.

Kayla makes her butterflies, before she squats.

Today's Skill
Front Squat

Today's Workout
As many rounds as possible:
10 Front Squats
10 Push Ups

Today's Game
Duck Walk & Run Relay Races

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