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What are you getting out of CrossFit?

Posted by Shirley Brown : Wednesday, Jul 25, 2012

I bet all of you reading this could tell me something completely different about what you are getting from CrossFit. You all probably have different reasons for joining CrossFit. I first joined because I wanted a place to get a great workout and needed something new and different. But have gotten so much more. I have a wonderful community, a job and have increased my strength and confidence. I wanted to share just a few things that you and or you child can gain from doing CrossFit.

-A higher level of fitness
-Better Health
-Communication Skills
-Injury prevention
-Stress Relieve

Please share what you have gained from CrossFit!

Matthew writing in success journal

Today's Skill
Jumping Rope

Today's Little Champs and Champs Workout
100m Run
75 Jump ropes
100m Run
50 Squats
100m Run
25 Push ups

Today's Game
CrossFit Tic-Tac-Toe
* a missed throw = 5 front squats (skill of the month)

Always Inspired

Posted by Shirley Brown : Wednesday, Jul 18, 2012

Whenever I go to the CrossFit games or any CrossFit competition it gets me inspired. This is regardless of whether I'm participating or spectating. I absolutely love CrossFit and have been doing it for a little over 4 years. I love it because it keeps me engaged and I love the community aspect of it all. When I'm watching the athletes I'm inspired by the hard work they have all put in and how much they WANT it. It's amazing to see all those athletes work so hard and keep cool while doing it. But it's not just the competitive athletes that inspire me. I'm also inspired by the kids I coach and the adults I workout with too. They surprise me each time I see them, whether it be learning to do something new, doing something they didn't think they could or pushing themselves through a challenging workout. Thank you to all of you that inspire me. Keep it up!

Augie and Maxi climbing rope

Today's Skill
Front squats

Today's Little Champs and Champs Workout
Tabata Mash up
Jump Rope and Front Squats

Today's Game
Musical Medicine Balls

The CrossFit Games are HERE!

Posted by Shirley Brown : Thursday, Jul 12, 2012

The 2012 CrossFit games are now upon us and this weekend we will have NO kids or prodigy class because of it. Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise. Quite the contrary. You should exercise daily and if you need a little inspiration check out the CrossFit Games. Go to and see up to date stories and video or better yet, tune into ESPN3 to get live streaming of the event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This event will crown "the Fittest woman, man and CrossFit team on earth". If you were lucky enough to get tickets to the Home Depot Center down in Carson, stop by lot #17 to check out a special invite only competition for CrossFit kids. These kids are some of the best youth athletes out there and will be doing their thing so you can all see. I would highly recommend checking it out. Good luck to all the athletes and have fun.

Maya getting serious with the KB

Today's Skill
1 Arm Overhead squats

Today's Little Champs and Champs Workout
AMRAP 10min
10-1 Arm Overhead squats
10 Sit ups
10 Burpees
50m Run

Today's Game
Clean the Yard

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