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Hanging Around

Posted by Becca Borawski : Wednesday, Apr 07, 2010

I am constantly amazed at how much kids love to hang from things. They love to hang from rings, from bars, from ropes...from anything they can get their hand on! They have an innate sense of wanting to climb, swing and hang. In a structured environment, we can hone a child's natural instinct and teach them gymnastic skills. This includes rope climbs, pull ups, flips on the parallel bars and more. It might seem like play, but they are actually developing coordination, balance and strength.

Jack hangs from the bar.

Today's Skill
Push Press

Today's Workout
3 rounds for time (with PVC):
5 Shoulder Presses
10 Push Presses
15 Sit Ups

Today's Game
Build & Move a Fort

As a kid I spent countless hours hanging and swinging from the T poles of the clothesline in my backyard. I would pretend to be an olympic gymnast!

Posted by Jeremy Jones  on  04/08   at  11:24 PM

jack....always so darn cute!

Posted by shirley  on  04/09   at  04:40 AM

I LOOOOOOOVED hanging from things too!! Trees especially!

Posted by Alyssa  on  04/11   at  08:51 PM

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