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“L” Sit

- hold as long as possible with stiff legs and arms. Shoot for 3 minutes!


- can be done walking or in place.
- other varieties include front, rear, 45 degree, lateral
- can hold dumbbells at sides or overhead; also barbell across shoulders to increase difficulty

Muscle Ups

- you should be able to do at least 15 pull ups and 15 dips before even attempting this movement
- a "false grip" is required
- practice by coming up as high as possible in your pull ups and as low as possible in your dips

“L” Pull ups

- The ultimate dead hang pull up. Fantastic for your abdominals as well!
- Maintain a strict L position with your legs as you do pull ups.

Pull ups - partner assisted

- don't have rubberbands? Here's a way to spot yourself with a partner. Hang from a bar, bend your knees and cross one ankle over the other.
- Have your partner hold your ankles in their hands and place the bottom of your foot against their leg or stomach.

Pull Ups - rubber band assisted

- increase your dead hang pull up capability with rubber bands. You can get them from us at our on-line store.

Jumping Pull Ups

- this is a great way to improve your pull ups. It gives you a taste of the energy requirement for kipping pull ups.
- make sure you start with your elbows straight - so that you are almost hanging from the bar, with your knees bent and feet on a box or on the floor.

Pull Ups - kipping

- drawing upon power and energy systems from the entire body, the kipping pull up is probably the most demanding, functional, and complete upper body exercise.

Pull Ups - kipping w/ a rubber band

- fast and powerful, the kip can't be done slowly

Push Ups

- try various hand positions and foot positions to increase / decrease difficulty
- keep body "hollow", lead with chest NOT your head

Handstand Push Ups

- the closer your hands are to the wall the harder these get.
- get your forehead down to the ground
- try on parallettes for added challenge

Ring Bridge

- lower yourself with your arms outstretched in front of you.
- don't go so low that you allow your back to arch

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