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- The king of strength exercises. Hamstrings, glutes, back - nothing beats the Deadlift!

Front Squats

- Puts your back in a mechanically advantageous position with the load in front of your center of gravity.
- Keep your elbows up high, your back arched and chest up on this one.

Good Mornings

- strengthens the posterior chain muscles consisting of your back, glutes and hamstrings.
- maintain arched back throughout movement

Hook Grip

- the strongest grip for lifts requiring power and a strong grip

Kettlebell Swing

- keep your chest up as if you're doing squats - don't let the kettlebell "pull you over"
- power in this movement all comes from the legs and hips


- can be done walking or in place.
- other varieties include front, rear, 45 degree, lateral
- can hold dumbbells at sides or overhead; also barbell across shoulders to increase difficulty

Push Press

- dip, drive & press, lower. No pause in the movement after the dip.
- can be done with dumbbells or a barbell

Romanian Deadlift

- keep knees slightly bent
- back arched, hinge from the hips
- keep bar right alongside legs as you hinge and lower and come back up


- think of each stroke as pushing vs. pulling
- rember that you are on a boat simulator. The harder you take a stroke, the faster your boat travels.
- put a pause into the end of your stroke - this is like the follow through in the golf swing and allows your boat to glide.

Shoulder Press

- with no momentum, press weight up and over head.
- over head means locked elbows with arms behind ears

Snatch Balance

- start in jumping position, finish in landing position
- jump weight up.
- catch in deep squat.

Heaving Snatch Balance

- Heave the bar upward then drop into squat and catch. Feet start and finish in landing position.

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